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Concrete pumping is made possible with heavy machinery running hydraulic cylinder on every job-site, it can be a dangerous field of work. Many of the Mix Operators we work with are in close proximity to the Concrete Hopper. We here at Interstate put all personnel on site to the highest level of safety. We've developed our steel shield with those who support us in mind. The metal barrier protects those behind it from blowouts, concrete splatters, and other potential injuries. 
We use the shield in place of kevlar bags for every Pumping project because we strive for the highest quality service in the safest way available. 


While working with concrete, workers and operators alike are required to wear a level of safety equipment to protect themselves and others from potential splatter and spills. Wet concrete can be corrosive to skin due to its high PH balance. With that in mind, we created a practical and straightforward way to remove excess or discarded concrete that comes about due to general clean-up procedure on projects sites. By discarding fresh concrete into the tub and having it dry, it can be picked up and taken away as a single item protecting the ground/space underneath.


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